ATV Tours Pricing

$149 Per Driver + Tax

$89 Per Passenger + Tax

UTV Tours Pricing

$400 (4-seater) + Tax

$600 (6-seater) + Tax

* Private UTV, ATV Tours Available *

Tour Guide Dave absolutely loves this tour!
This is a fun interactive tour perfect for everyone! This is an absolute blast. We cover a lot of terrain with beautiful views. This tour located in the volcanic mountains is all about the Ancient Ones. We will discover Native American rock art, pit houses, pottery, and flint chips left over from making of arrowheads and tools. We will visit a desert oasis (gorgeous natural spring) and partake of beautiful endless overviews from 2,000 feet above the valley floor. This tour is for the explorer of heart. You’ll enjoy lots of riding and won’t feel beat up at the end of your tour. Please be advised, this tour visits a protected area, and any removal of artifacts is prohibited by law. Zion ATV, UTV tours.

This tour offers slightly cooler temperatures during those warmer months.

Difficulty Rating – Enjoyable*

*Difficulty rating is not based on your personal ATV, UTV riding experience, rather your willingness to get out there and enjoy the ride. No experience is necessary.

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